Careers in Encore can be broken down into two categories, Player-Driven or Local. Player-driven jobs rely on your interactions with other players like selling cars or houses, or repairing vehicles. Local jobs are more automated NPC-based jobs like collecting trash or delivering packages.
New to Encore? Please be sure to check out our Making Money page — it contains a ton of useful information about careers and how to pick yours.

Player-Driven Careers

Premium Deluxe Motorsport
Premium Deluxe Motorsport is Los Santos' only full service automotive dealership! Our salesmen and women work tirelessly to provide the citizens of Los Santos and beyond with a fantastic selection of automobiles from bicycles to supercars.
Employee Handbook Premium Deluxe Motorsport has an employee handbook that is considered part of Encore's server rules. Please read through it before applying for PDM.
Los Santos Customs
Los Santos Customs is the premier automotive repair shop in San Andreas. Our ASE certified mechanics perform everything from regular maintenance to body work and major repairs.
Dynasty 8 Real Estate
Dynasty 8 Realty is the governing organization for real estate agents. All real estate agents in San Andreas are required to be licensed by Dynasty 8, however each agent or broker operates independently under the Dynasty 8 umbrella, and may choose to form their own realty firms alone or with other agents.
Employee Handbook Dynasty 8 has an employee handbook that is considered part of Encore's server rules. Please read through it before applying for Dynasty 8.
Weazel News
Weazel News, confirming your prejudices every day. Join the most trusted source of fake news in all of San Andreas. Our news teams monitor police scanners and ambulance chase all across the state. Enjoy benefits like free healthcare when you get shot by distraught bystanders, and pilots licenses for the best angle on the best police chases.
Server Rules Weazel News has additional server rules that you must follow. Please review these rules before taking a job at Weazel News.
Blaine County Sheriff's Office
Blaine County Sheriffs Office is San Andreas' finest law enforcement agency. Our deputies are tasked with protecting and serving citizens across the State of San Andreas, and work closely with our medical counterparts at San Andreas Medical Services.. We're excited to have you join BCSO and work your way up the ranks.
San Andreas Medical Services
San Andreas Medical Services handles medical emergency calls and runs Pillbox Medical Center. Our team treats a variety of injuries and illnesses in Los Santos and the surrounding region, working closely with the Blaine County Sheriffs Office. We're excited to have you join SAMS and work your way up the ranks.
Department of Justice
Interested in practicing law? Becoming a San Andreas State Bar certified attorney is your path to law greatness. To become an attorney you must sit for and pass the bar exam. Once you become a bar certified attorney, you can choose to remain exclusively as a private attorney, or also accept cases on behalf of the state as a public defender.

Local Careers

Los Santos Waste Services
As a member of our team you play a crucial role in the life of our citizens by collecting waste from bins around Los Santos and our neighboring regions. Our drivers, using city-issued garbage trucks, run multiple collection routes per day and collect on average 3-5 bags from each trash can on their route.
Casey's Highway Clearance
As a tow truck driver for Casey's, you will be responsible for performing repossessions, as well as taking civilian and police callouts. Our tow truck drivers, using company-issued tow trucks, run 3-5 repossessions per day.
Our drivers utilize delivery vans and cargo aircraft to move thousands of packages across San Andreas every single day. GoPostal offers competitive benefits including health insurance, retirement contributions, commercial drivers license training, and commercial pilots certificate training.
Marlowe Vineyards
Marlowe Vinyards has consistently ranked as one of the best vineyards in San Andreas for the last ten years. Our team members are essential to the regular harvesting of grapes and production of Marlowe Vineyards signature wine.
Gruppe Sechs
Gruppe Sechs is Los Santos' most prestigious corporate and private security company. Gruppe Sechs is contracted by the State of San Andreas to perform property audits in Los Santos and the surrounding areas. As a security guard you will assist in these valuable audits, in addition to any private security matters you are interested in taking on, from private security to events.
Downtown Cab Co.
As a cabbie you'll be responsible for responding to our pickup callouts, and can also use our taxis for civilian calls of service through Twitter or elsewhere. Our cabbies use company-issued taxi cabs and run 3-5 pickups per day.