Controls & Keybinds

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Interaction Menu

Encore uses an interaction menu for most of your day-to-day interactions. To open the interaction menu, hold your Tab key and use your mouse to select the options and sub-menus.
The interaction menu is contextual, and shows different options depending on what you're looking at. For example, if you're looking at another player you'll see options for searching and carrying them. If you're looking at a vehicle, you'll see an option to unlock it. If you're driving a vehicle, you'll see options to toggle the engine, your seatbelt, the windows, and more.
Many jobs such as Blaine County Sheriff's Office, Premium Deluxe Motorsport, and more also use the interaction menu for completing their job tasks.


Encore uses FiveM's built-in Mumble VoIP system, meaning your existing Push to Talk keybindings from Grand Theft Auto: Online should work right out of the box. If not, you can customize this in your game's keybind settings.
By default, you can use ~ to toggle between Whisper, Normal, and Shouting voice modes. These modes affect how far away people can hear you from.
Left ALT is the default key for speaking on the radio. You can change your voice mode and radio keys in FiveM's keybind settings.


You can use your Z key to open your phone once you have one. Use your Scroll Wheel to scroll through the apps on the home screen and Left Click to open the application. Once inside of an application, you can Right Click to exit the application, or (on most apps) Left Click again to "focus" on the app and use it's features such as typing out a Tweet or taking an Instagram photo.


Encore has a highly customizable HUD which you can access by entering the /hud chat command. From here, you can customize what is visible on your screen, control notification preferences, and toggle various map blips on and off to your liking.

Useful Chat Commands

Most chat commands have hints that will appear and guide you on what to enter.
Send an out-of-character message to the whole server.
Send an out-of-character message to nearby players.
Clear chat history.
Show floating text on your body. For example, /me winks.
Show your name and phone number to nearby players.
Set your radio volume.
View your injuries - these are the same ones EMS will see.