Buying Vehicles

Ready to purchase your first vehicle? Encore has one of the most advanced vehicle systems on FiveM, let's get you started.

Table of Contents

Purchasing Vehicles

Vehicles can be purchased at Premium Deluxe Motorsport, just a couple blocks south of the hospital. Vehicles require a salesperson to purchase, so if one isn't around when you arrive, try checking Yellow Pages for employees advertising, or send out a Tweet to find out.
Encore has over 400 vehicles available for sale, and your salesperson is your personal guru. They can put any vehicle on display in the showroom for you to look at, and can even take one out on a time-limited test drive for you to get a feel for it and what customization options are available.
Your salesperson can help you find the right vehicle for your budget and needs.

Financing Vehicles

You can either purchase your vehicle outright, or finance it at 0% APR for four real-life weeks. Your salesperson will help you decide what option is the best for you. To finance a vehicle, you must pay a 30% down-payment up front, and then the remaining 70% of the vehicle's price is paid over 4 weekly payments.

Making Payments

You can make payments on your financed vehicles at any bank under the Loans tab. Make sure to make your payments on time though — if you're more than a week late your vehicle will be repossessed.

Selling Vehicles

You can sell vehicles back to Premium Deluxe Motorsport for 70% of what you have paid. To do this, head around to the back of PDM and pull into the no parking area. You'll see a prompt to press E to sell your vehicle. Be careful - selling vehicles is permanent.

Selling Vehicles to Other Players

You can also sell your vehicle to another player. To sell your vehicle to another player, bring your vehicle and the person you're selling it to to PDM. Find a salesperson, and they can help facilitate the transfer from there.
If your vehicle is financed, the payments and finance responsibility will be transferred to the new owner as well.

Vehicle Persistence

All vehicles in Encore are persistent, meaning they'll never poof or despawn. They are always where you, or the thief, left them.


You can park your vehicle at any of the public garages (indicated by a blue garage icon on the map) to secure them. Vehicles that are secured in garages can not be lockpicked, hotwired, or stolen.
If you own a house, your realtor can also set up a custom persistent garage at your house just for you.

Finding Lost Cars

Car not where you left it? You need insurance! Visit Mors Mutual to purchase insurance for your vehicle. Insurance can only be purchased or renewed while you have your vehicle though, so make sure to keep your insurance up to date.
You can use Mors Mutual to track your vehicle and locate it. Note that it may take Mors Mutual up to five attempts before they're able to locate your vehicle. If your vehicle is impounded or parked in a garage, they'll always find it on the first try.
You can also report your vehicle stolen to the Blaine County Sheriff's Office and they can activate it's LoJack. If any Deputy gets near your vehicle, they'll be alerted about a stolen or missing vehicle in the area and can investigate and help return it to you.

Impound Lot

If your vehicle is used in a crime, or if police locate it parked illegally, it may be towed and impounded. Vehicles that have been impounded can be recovered at the impound lot northeast of the Pink Cage for a small fee.

Vehicle Maintenance

In addition to collision repair, your vehicle requires regular oil changes and service appointments to stay in tip top shape. When it's getting close to needing service, you'll see a yellow oil change or engine service light appear on your Vehicle HUD. If your vehicle is overdue for service, the light will change to red.
Take your vehicle to any Los Santos Customs employee and they'll be able to service it and get your vehicle back in tip top shape in no time.