Making Money

So you have your character created, have finished the in-game tutorial, and now it's time to make some green to purchase sweet cars (and, preferably, some food.) Encore has a pretty unique approach to jobs and making money, and this is your Master Class.

Table of Contents

Career Basics

Rather than having a bunch of random jobs you go do whenever you feel like it, Encore has created an entire career system to really drive your character's story forward. All of the jobs you see listed on the Careers page and in-game are full-on careers. This means when you take the job, you'll continue to work there indefinitely until you resign from it.
Each career has a number of different ranks you progress through. Stick with the same career and you'll automatically be promoted, and rewarded with better pay and new perks, for your dedication.
If you do choose to resign and find another career, there is a resignation period for each one, usually around 7-14 in-game days, or 1-2 real-life days.

Whitelisted Careers

Blaine County Sheriff's Office and San Andreas Medical services are whitelisted careers. This means you must apply for them and pass an interview to be able to work there. Applications for these careers are linked below.

Getting a Job

Visit any of the career blips on your map to view the details and apply for the job. You'll be looking for a blue marker somewhere in the vicinity of the job - usually in an obvious place like by a door.
The career menu shows you information about the career like pay, ranks, benefits and more. From the overview screen to you can click Apply to take that job.


Player-Driven Jobs

Premium Deluxe Motorsport, Los Santos Customs, and Dynasty 8 are player-driven jobs. This means you earn your money by providing services to other players rather than being assigned tasks. When you take one of these jobs, you can use the Yellow Pages app on your phone to advertise your services.
Player-driven jobs are a great way to meet new people and get a feel for how things work. But, as always, pick something you'll love. Player-driven jobs will have their job options accessible in your Interaction Menu - but it's always a great idea to ask another player who has worked that job before to show you the ropes.

Local Jobs

We call jobs that rely on automatic task callouts local jobs - things like collecting garbage, delivering packages, etc. For these jobs, you'll get a task assignment at a random time once per in-game day.
When you get an assignment, you'll see a notification as well as subtitles appear at the bottom of your screen. These jobs are pretty easy to figure out, follow the subtitles and you'll be making money in no time.

Money-Making Activities

Looking to grind out some extra cash to supplement your career? Encore has opportunities for that too. Try hunting, salvage diving, trash can treasure hunting, or metal detecting to earn some green. You can learn more about these activities on the Activities page of the Player's Guide.