How Street Racing Works

Tear up the streets of Los Santos with organized street racing. Build routes of any length and complexity using the map, then set the entry fee and start gathering participants. Beware, cops may be lurking around the corner for you. Use /streetraces to use the race system.

Race Creator

Using the race creator couldn't be more simple. Simply choose a name for your race, and then use the Route Editor to create your route by double-clicking on the map for each checkpoint you want to set. Once done, close out of the menu and you can save your race.
If you accidentally set a checkpoint in the wrong spot, just double click it to remove it.

Starting Races

Races can be started using Start Race in the Race Creator.

Preview Race

Use the Preview Race function to get a snapshot of what your checkpoints look like.

BCSO & Difficulty

Check the Alert BCSO box and choose a difficulty for an extra challenge. Difficulties range from Easy to Insane, with each difficultly level increasing the chance that pursuing law enforcement are able to catch up to you.

Lapped Races

Encore's street racing now includes lapped races! To set a race as lapped, simply check the Lapped Race checkbox. Non-lapped races always end at their last checkpoint. Single lapped races and multi-lapped races will end at the starting line.


You can optionally set a buy-in for your race. All participants will have to pay the amount specified to enter the race, and the winner takes all.