Cayo Perico Island

Cayo Perico Island

"We're pretty sure we removed all the landmines." — Cayo Perico Travel Authority
Cayo Perico is the ultimate destination for any vacationer. Relax on the crisp blue waters with a frilly cocktail, take in the sights from an ultralight, or go digging for treasure in the expansive island jungle.

Arriving in paradise

"Pothole free runway, guaranteed." — Cayo Perico Travel Authority
Cayo Perico Island can only be reached by aircraft. Fly your own, or ride with a friend to paradise. Cayo Perico Regional Airport sports a runway capable of supporting mid-size business jets, as well as many helipads scattered around the island.
When it's time to leave, you're welcome to fly, boat, or swim home.

Emergency services

"Medical equipment doesn't require electricity, does it?" — Cayo Perico Travel Authority
Medical and law enforcement services on Cayo Perico are provided by San Andreas Medical Services and Blaine County Sheriff's Office. Please understand response times may be delayed if no personnel are on the island when you require assistance.


Ultralight rentals

"What could go wrong?" — Cayo Perico Travel Authority
Ultralights are available for rent at the Cayo Perico Regional Airport. Thanks to lax laws on the, no pilot's certificate is required to rent and fly these winged death traps on the island.
Please review our Community Rules & Policies for more guidance.

Treasure hunting

"Oh god I really hope we removed all the landmines." — Cayo Perico Travel Authority
Pick up a metal detector at You Tool before your flight (or pay way too much for one on the island) and go metal detecting in the expansive jungle on Cayo Perico. From jewelry to guns, you never know what treasure you will find!


"Overfishing? What's that?" — Cayo Perico Travel Authority
Try your hand at fishing the clear blue waters of Cayo Perico. This island is home to many exotic fish that the average angler can't find anywhere else in the world.

Beachside resort

"Just stick some tiki torches in the sand and call it a resort." — Cayo Perico Travel Authority
Relax beachside or in one of the resort's bungalows at this exclusive vacation destination. Drink your liver away at the bar, and party the night away on the dance floor.