Gang life in Encore is what you make it - with many tools from territories and bribes to crafting recipes and hacking services, Encore has everything you need to bring your gang roleplay to the next level.

Table of Contents

Forming a Gang

There are no requirements to form a gang. If you say you're a gang, you're a gang! Please be aware of and follow our Gang Rules in our Community Policies as these rules apply to you regardless of whether you are a recognized gang or not.

Becoming a Recognized Gang

Gangs are not required to be whitelisted or obtain staff approval in Encore, however to become a recognized gang and enjoy the perks of recognized gangs including custom stash houses, clothing items, etc. you must claim and maintain a territory.

Claiming a Territory

There are many territories scattered around the map - you can view these by turning on Gang Territories in your /hud preferences. Unclaimed territories (appearing in light orange on the map) can be claimed by any group brave enough to go up against the local gang members.
Somewhere within each unclaimed territory you will find an NPC you can pay off to begin a NPC gang war. Win the multi-wave NPC war with your crew, and the territory is yours.

Claiming an Existing Territory

There are currently no in-game mechanics for claiming an existing territory, however if all territories are currently claimed and your gang has demonstrated Gang RP of outstanding quality, staff may authorize a gang war with the existing territory holders to take over the territory. The bar is incredibly high for this - your gang must have already proven themselves as one that is recognized and creating valuable roleplay. Likewise, if the incumbent gang is utilizing their gang benefits and territory to create high value roleplay, we won't authorize a war over territory.

New Territories

If you're interested in seeing a new territory added to a specific part of the map, you are more than welcome to open a support ticket and suggest it to our team. When new territories are added, they are not promised to any specific gang and it will be first-come-first-serve.

Keeping a Territory

To keep your territory, you must continually maintain your gang reputation (REP) by committing crimes, engaging in wars with rival gangs, and creating high quality gang roleplay. There are bi-weekly dues of 2,000 REP in addition to a daily decay of a few percentage points of your existing REP. If your REP falls below 0, or you're unable to cover your bi-weekly REP dues, your territory will be forfeited.

Growing your Territory

Your territory can be expanded up to two times - to expand your territory, you'll need to engage in another NPC gang war for the expanded area. The larger the territory you hold, the more members you can have on your roster. We'll let you figure it out from here.

Stash Houses

As a gang with a claimed territory, you get a stash house with a shared gang stash and a place to manage your roster and territory. You can place this stash house anywhere in your territory using the /setstashhouse command.
Stash houses must be placed somewhere realistic, for example at a garage door, and not on top of a rock, at a tree, etc.

Stash House Upgrades

You can purchase upgrades to your stash house from DeAndre. The larger the stash house you have, the more items you can store in your shared stash house.

Gang NPCs

Encore has many NPCs that can help you as a criminal and a gang. Two of these in particular, DeAndre and Camila, are useful for gangs.


DeAndre is your friend for all things territory-related. DeAndre can help you out with expanding your stash house, and offer services and bribes that are useful for maintaining and controlling your territory.


Camila is the guru of gangs. You can obtain crafting knowledge for gang-exclusive items from Camila, as well as hacking services to help you accomplish your goals.