Community Rules & Policies

Table of Contents

Guiding Principles

Encore is a story-driven roleplay server. Members of Encore are here to express their creativity through immersive story telling and character development. Our rules exist to provide a loose framework in which to express these stories in a fair, fun, and consistent manner.
Our administration team is not here to babysit players and direct their roleplay. If you think something is questionable as far as the rules go, go ahead and do it and we can discuss it later if an issue arises. If you can articulate your actions in a justifiable way, it'll end with a discussion and a rule clarification.
If you have a problem with another player, reach out to our team and we can have a discussion about or with them. If you make a mistake and break a rule, or do something that the administration team isn't on board with, you won't be banned or removed by someone who hasn't played the game in three months and just wants to shake things up. You'll be approached and our team will have a conversation with you like an adult.
Our rules are simply guidelines to help facilitate the roleplay in Encore. If you go out of your way to willfully ruin other player's stories, you'll be responsible for those actions.


  • All players must be at least 18 years old, no exceptions can be made.
  • We're all adults, behave like one in and out of character.
  • Toxicity, firestarting, or harassment will not be tolerated. This includes;
    • Sexual harassment in or out of game.
    • Racism, sexism, or hate speech towards marginalized groups.
    • In-character friendliness is not an invitation to harass an individual out-of-character.
  • Constructive criticism and feedback in support tickets is always encouraged and welcomed, however venting in public channels will not get your cause anywhere.
  • Fundraising or soliciting donations, including GoFundMe, etc. is not permitted in Encore for any cause. This includes directly messaging members to raise funds for any cause.


  • A working microphone is required to play on Encore.
  • All communication - voice, text, etc - must be in English.
  • Encore caters to a wide variety of players from all walks of life. Phrases and words that are racially charged or otherwise frequently used in a derogatory manner towards marginalized groups are never allowed. Even if it may be culturally acceptable for you to use those phrases or words, we ask that you never use them in Encore.


  • Your character must be an adult and be grounded in reality, both in characteristics and name. Names that reference known people, places, brands, or icons (e.g. Austin Powers, New York) or names that aren't realistic (e.g. Deez Nuts) will not be allowed.
  • Erotic roleplay is not allowed.
  • Suicide, graphic torture, and self-harm roleplay are not allowed.
  • Rulesplaining, discussing admins or staff (including phrases like "god" or "the government"), or discussing other servers is not allowed.
  • Exploiting or hacking is not allowed.


  • Metagaming: Metagaming is not allowed. This includes stream sniping and sharing information, knowledge, or assets between your own characters. Participating in a Discord or other voice call outside of the game with players who are also in the game is considered metagaming as well.
    • Identifying People: If someone goes through reasonable measures to obscure their identity (wearing a mask, obscuring their voice, changing their clothes, etc.) you should respect that and your character shouldn’t know who they are, even if you are able to OOC determine it based on their speech patterns, inventory notifications, etc.
  • Powergaming: Forcing a story in your favor or abusing game mechanics in your favor is not allowed.
  • Low Effort RP: Low effort RP or "checking out" of a scenario is not allowed. When you're in game, you are on stage and you're expected to give your maximum effort in every situation. This includes interactions with BCSO and SAMS.
  • NVL / Fear RP: You should act as if you value your life at all times. Your character does not know they can simply respawn at the hospital.
  • RDM / VDM: Random death (or vehicle) matching is not allowed. This includes attacking another player or group without roleplay leading up to it, or ramming other vehicles at high rates of speed.
  • Fail RP: Fail RP encompasses a wide range of behavior that is unrealistic or in bad faith. Examples include not responding to /me 's, abusing carry mechanics, respawning when EMS is available, spam jumping, etc.
  • NLR: New Life Rule - If you respawn at the hospital, you forget the events leading up to being downed in the current scenario.
  • GTA Driving: Do not launch vehicles off of jumps, cliffs, or steep hills or perform stunts in aircraft.
  • Combat Logging: Logging out to avoid a scenario or repercussion is not allowed.
  • Breaking Character: There is never an acceptable reason to break character. Always keep your actions and words in-character, only using /ooc or /nbooc when necessary to communicate out-of-character.
  • Cop Baiting: You are not allowed to bait police into a scenario. Examples include continually racing past police trying to get them into a pursuit or firing weapons just to get a police response.
  • Third-Partying: Third-partying an active scene is not allowed. Inject yourself into conversations, not scenes.
  • Rule of +2: When engaging in violence or committing a crime, you can only bring up to two more people than your opponents have. For example, if you are going up against 3 people, you can only bring 5 of your own.
    • When committing crimes like robberies, the limit is six participants.
    • Participants include lookouts and outside shooters.
  • Hostages: Hostages used for crimes must be real hostages. You may not use a friend as a hostage, pay someone to be a hostage, or otherwise arrange an IC or OOC “consensual” hostage taking. Please also remember that BCSO SOPs are not in-character knowledge to criminals, and your criminal characters do not know BCSO’s procedures regarding hostage negotiations.


The following careers have employee handbooks that are considered to be part of Encore's server rules and must be followed by players choosing to work at those businesses.

Gang Rules

  • "If it walks like a duck" applies. If you walk like a gang, talk like a gang, act like a gang the gang rules will apply to your group regardless of whether you have a territory.
  • A gang can only control one territory.
  • Gang shit should be kept to your turf. Don't harass non-gang affiliated players unless they're on your turf.
  • If you have a private gang Discord, you must invite the Encore staff account and give it administrator privileges.

Gang Wars

  • If you form a gang, you're implicitly consenting to gang wars. If another gang wants to go to war with you and you disagree, Encore staff will make the final determination.
  • During gang wars all members must wear your identifying clothes or colors at all times.
  • Gang wars must be coordinated out-of-character in Discord before commencing. Please open a support ticket.
  • Most rules, including RDM and NVL, are relaxed during a gang war.